‘Intorno al Fuoco’ events: Sardinian Living Lab explores memories of forest fires and raises public awareness on fire risks

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The Forestas Agency in Sardinia, involved in our Sardinian Living Lab, organised two events to raise awareness about the fire risk of past and recent forest fires. Named ‘Intorno al fuoco’ (‘Around the fire’), the events took place on the 1st and 8th of February 2023 and brought together local communities and professional firefighters to share their experiences and memories of fires that have affected the region in the past 17 years.

The main objective of these events was to encourage community involvement in preventing and managing forest fires, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership for the environment and the community’s well-being. Safe tourism practices, post-fire management, and the issue of forest fuel load in coastal areas were also discussed.

The events laid the groundwork for the upcoming FIRE-RES Open Innovation Challenge, where communities, small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions’ representatives, and environmental associations will work together to identify challenges and develop solutions towards more fire-resilient territories. 

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Authors: Matilde Silvia Schirru (FORESTAS), Elena Feo (Euromontana)