FIRE-RES is built around the concept of Integrated Fire Management

Integrated Fire Management is a planning and operational approach that includes social, economic, cultural and ecological dimensions. Its objective is to minimize the damage caused by wildfires and maximise its benefits.

To move towards an Integrated Fire Management approach, FIRE-RES adopts 4 main pillars:


Extreme Wildfires’ behaviour and drivers

Behaviour and trends of Extreme Wildfires Events are unique and insufficiently known. FIRE-RES will analyse the specific drivers, as well as the trends and behaviour of Extreme Wildfire Events.

Emergency management

How does emergency management services respond to Extreme Wildfire Events?  


Landscape and economy

To create fire-resilient territories and communities, the landscape management and economic viability of measures for resilience are two fundamental factors.

Governance, society, communication and risk awareness

What is the role of governance and society during Extreme Wildfire Events? FIRE-RES adopts and develops a proactive governance approach to improve societal resilience, risk awareness and communication.  

Based on the four pillars, FIRE-RES will develop 34 innovation actions that will integrate fire management measures for prevention and preparedness, detection and response, restoration and adaptation!

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