FIRE-RES aims to promote the implementation of an Integrated Fire Management approach and support the transition towards more resilient landscapes and communities to Extreme Wildfire Events in Europe.

Our vision

To provide Europe with the necessary capacity to avoid it collapsing in the face of Extreme Wildfire Events, projected to increase as the result of a harsher climate.

Our mission

To boost the socio-ecological transition of the European Union towards a fire-resilient continent by developing a stream of innovation actions.

Our specific objectives


To set the definition of Extreme Wildfire Events and use it as the main axis to address the challenge ahead


To develop, demonstrate and deploy innovations at the technological, social, health/safety, administrative, ecological and economic levels


To integrate and upscale results from the niche-level innovations implemented locally in Living Labs across Europe and beyond


To raise societal awareness about Extreme Wildfires and transfer enabling knowledge to stakeholders