D6.2 Visual inspiration map and catalogue of innovative solutions

D6.1 Operational Handbook for OIC kickstarting

D5.12 Tools to properly communicate scenarios during the EWE crisis

D5.1 Technical requirements and system architecture of the integrative software system

D4.8 Matricial tool and ad hoc guidance

D3.1 Policy Brief “Can economic incentives help reducing wildfire risk? Reviewing tools to motivate more fire-resilient land management”. See also the official deliverable

D1.13 Recommendations and novel adaptive management scenarios to create resilient forest landscapes to EWE (part I)

D1.12 Innovative post-fire strategies and adaptation to the current context of increasing environmental uncertainties

D1.11 Ecological factors driving resistant and resilient landscapes to high intensity and extreme wildfire events

D1.7 Spatial and temporal conditions for extreme wildfire events at the European scale


D1.5 Adapted long-term climate change projections and seasonal forecasts

D1.3 Piloting the adaptation of  methodology of Forest Fire Potential Polygons to improve decision making on EWE events.

D1.1 Transfer of lessons learned on extreme wildfire events to key stakeholders