FIRE-RES does not tackle challenges and leverage opportunities related to fires all alone. Browse other projects on fires across Europe and beyond. 

Wildfires are a growing problem across the world and multitude of stakeholders – ranging from forestry and agriculture to infrastructure operators, insurance, civil society, civil protection authorities and first responders – constitutes a challenge in designing holistic policies. Firelogue supports and coordinates the consolidation of knowledge from the wildfire risk related Green Deal Innovation Actions (FIRE-RES, SILVANUS,DRYADS) and the wider community.

Wildfires are unplanned and usually rage uncontrolled. Managing these fires is also a societal and ecological challenge. TREEADS focuses on the forests at risk of wildfires to develop new products and integrate them in a holistic Fire Management platform aimed at optimising and reusing the existing socio-technological resources.

With forest fires becoming more dangerous and frequent, the SILVANUS project will offer a new solution to improve preparedness. In particular, SILVANUS envisages to deliver an environmentally sustainable and climate resilient forest management platform through innovative capabilities to prevent and combat against the ignition and spread of forest fires

All these projects received the funding of the European Union from the Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme – Green Deal calls.