Seeking Innovative Solutions for Extreme Wildfires

Be a part of the solution and help tackle the challenges of Extreme Wildfires in Europe and beyond. Participate in the FIRE-RES Open Innovation Challenge and help us build more resilient landscapes and safe communities. Please note that the applications are now closed.

The Challenge: Extreme Wildfires

In recent years, Europe has experienced a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of wildfires. These extreme wildfires have resulted in devastating consequences, including the loss of life, destruction of natural habitats, damage to infrastructure and the release of harmful emissions impacting air quality.

We are calling upon innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, researchers, businesses of all sizes, experts, and all forward-thinking minds in the field to step up and submit cutting-edge solutions addressing the challenges experienced by different stakeholders coping with the risks of extreme wildfires.

The challenges are organised under the following themes:

Different places are dealing with different challenges, and have different priorities and requirements when it comes to fire. Our Factsheets provide a detailed description of those for each local context that helped us (through our partners, the local Living Labs) identify the most pressing challenges and will help us test solutions: Galicia (Spain), Catalonia (Spain), Norway-Sweden, Bulgaria, Nouvelle Aquitaine (France), Greece, Germany-The Netherlands, Portugal, Sardinia (Italy) and Chile.