Innovative technologies
& socio-ecological-economic solutions for fire resilient territories in Europe

Extreme wildfire events beyond any control are becoming a major environmental economic and social threat across the world.

FIRE-RES will develop an integrated fire management strategy to efficiently and effectively address extreme wildfire events in Europe.

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FIRE-RES is built around the concept of Integrated Fire Management. This is a planning and operational approach that includes social, economic, cultural and ecological dimensions. Its objective is to minimize the damage caused by wildfires and maximize its benefits.

To do this, FIRE-RES includes 4 main pillars.


FIRE-RES adopts the Integrated Fire Management Approach.

This wildfire risk reduction strategy exploits synergies between fire prevention-preparedness, detection-response and restoration-adaptation in a holistic manner, assuming the interconnectedness of these 3 phases.

Prevention & Preparedness

Educate the public to take precautions to prevent and to be ready in case of potentially harmful fires

Adaptation & Restoration

Rehabilitate and restore areas impacted by extreme wildfires

Detection & Response

Anticipate and mitigate the impacts of extreme wildfire events



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