The community of Wildfire Innovation kicks off in Solsona, Catalonia

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During the last week of October 2022, the 1st meeting of the Community of Wildfire Innovation (CWI) was hosted in Solsona, Catalonia. The CWI is led by the Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC). The meeting brought together more than 30 representatives from public administrations, the private sector, research organisations, and civil society. 

The CWI aims to create an intersectoral working group to discuss the necessary measures and innovations in the field of forest fires in Catalonia and establish the roadmap for the coming years. 

During this first CWI meeting, group exercises were carried out to:

    • Define the current situation and the critical factors for integrated fire management,
    • Identify key intervention areas,
    • Define the common vision to be achieved in the medium/long term and,
    • Identify current deficiencies and necessary innovations to achieve the objectives.

Using the contributions from the different actors, CTFC researchers will begin to draft the roadmap towards fire-resilient landscapes. During future events, the identified tools and actions necessary to implement the roadmap will be discussed, leading to thelaunch of an Open Innovation Campaign during 2023.

Although this community is formed within the framework of the European FIRE-RES project, it is expected to continue after the end of the project to periodically analyse the situation and update the roadmap.

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Authors: Laia Casafont (CTFC), Elena Feo (Euromontana)