FIRE-RES training workshop in Barcelona: how to organise innovation challenges

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On the 27th and 28th of September, the FIRE-RES project organised a training workshop in Barcelona to train its Living Lab leaders on how to organize innovation challenges to help address extreme wildfire events in their respective regions. The innovation challenge is a compelling way of generating innovative ideas. In fact, through innovation challenges, FIRE-RES will engage actors from outside the consortium to generate new ideas on how to overcome fire-related issues. Actors participating to innovation challenges are invited to remain engaged as the challenge progresses through regular feedback and updates.

The challenges resulting from this process will be launched in the FIRE-RES Open Innovation Campaign to attract outside networks, communities, and organizations to bring new ideas and solutions to those challenges.

Participants of the workshop were also trained on how to engage local stakeholders in the collective definition of a vision for 2030 and the identification of key areas of intervention for enhanced resilience to extreme wildfires. The final goal is to have a common methodology aiming to obtain consistent results from all Living Labs.

Authors: Elena Feo (Euromontana). Contributor: Siebe Briers (EFI)