FIRE-RES discusses forests’ resilience to wildfire at MAIA webinar series

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FIRE-RES can contribute to the resilience of our forests to wildfires. This was the main message shared during the first MAIA[1] webinar of the Wildfires and Forest Management series on 7 July.

Dr Pau Brunet-Navarro from CTFC presented how FIRE-RES will implement an Integrated Fire Management approach to support the transition towards more resilient landscapes and communities to Extreme Wildfire Events in Europe and Chile. The presentation also introduced participants to the objectives of FIRE-RES:

  • Define the concept of Extreme Wildfire Events and use it to address the challenges ahead. 
  • Develop, demonstrate and deploy 34 innovations at the technological, social, health/safety, administrative, ecological and economic levels.
  • To integrate and scale up the results of the nice-level innovations implemented locally in the 11 Living Labs across Europe and beyond.
  • To raise awareness and transfer knowledge on extreme forest fires.

FIRE-RES was pleased to discuss wildfire resilience with the participants and to share the floor with its sister project TREEADS.

Missed the webinar? The replay is available online!

Author: Blandine Camus (Euromontana).

[1] MAIA (Maximising the impact & synergy of climate change research & innovation) is a Horizon Europe project which aims at implementing a set of effective measures to facilitate a wider dissemination, communications, and interconnection of completed and on-going EU climate change research projects.