Voices from the Greek Living Lab after an intense summer

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EDJNet’s transnational journalistic investigation of wildfires across Europe turns the spotlight on the Greek situation in the wake of devastating wildfires in Greece during the summer of 2023. Their latest article by Mary Drosopoulos “Preventing and managing extreme wildfires in Greece via the FIRE-RES project” was published on OBCTranseuropa.

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The summer months of 2023 in Greece were marked by terrible wildfires that have caused losses in terms of lives, cultural heritage, and ecological impact. The article by Mary Drosopoulos explores the role of climate change in exacerbating these disasters with two interviews. While the increased frequency and intensity of wildfires are raising concerns, climate change plays a role but is not the only factor to be considered in a country which has been familiar with wildfires for centuries. The complexity of the situation is illustrated by  Palaiologos Palaiologou, in the Greek FIRE-RES team of experts.

Generating public awareness with accurate information and education is crucial and lies at the core of the FIRE-RES Greek Living Lab, operating in Halkidiki, adopting a holistic strategy at the crossroads of social, economic, and ecological dimensions.  Local communities already manifested interest towards the initiative which relies not only on civic education and evidence-based practices but also on innovative methods of fuel management to foresee and prevent wildfires, following declarations of Kassandra’s Chief Forester Margarita Bachatourian: “We receive applications of people asking us to include their areas in our scope of work. This means that locals are aware of the positive impact and naturally wish to be a part of it”. 

The article is part of the Wildfires in Europe investigation. You can discover more here.

Author: Beatrice Bellavia (Euromontana).