IA 5.3. Advanced vegetation characterization based on Earth Observation data fusion and Artificial Intelligence over forestland ecosystems



What kind of result is this?

New methodologies based on remote sensing datasets to check evolution of key forestland metrics and phenological parameters.

What’s the area addressed?

Advanced Technology Solutions
Landscape management 

What’s the covered phase?

Restoration & Adaptation
Recovery and rehabilitation

What’s the addressed challenge?

How to measure in a feasible and viable way as well as high latency the changes and evolution of key post-fire metrics?

What value is proposed?

A pilot of forestland fuel mapping, its changes (e.g. soil moisture, vegetation water) and tendencies, monitor post-fire vegetation recovery (e.g. geospatial wildfire contours, fire severity) will be implemented through data fusion of EO multi and hyperspectral datasets, LiDAR data and machine learning approaches

Who can use it?

Policymakers and researchers involved in forestland policies, recovery and management

What type of tool is it?

Geoinformation Layers to an API to consul as geoservice

How does it look like?

Shapes, raster files and CSV datasets 

This tool is…

⊠ a new tool

☐ an improved tool

What are the vision & mission statement?

To generate and “automatic” flux and anomalies detection based on A.I. architectures to suit the API and associated geoservice 

When will it be complete?

Mid 2024



This IA is implemented in the Living Lab(s)…

Catalonia, Nouvelle Aquitaine