IA 5.5. Testing of vertical atmospheric structure models based on satellite constellation in EWE



What kind of result is this?

New method 

What’s the area addressed?

Advanced Technology Solutions

What’s the covered phase?

Prevention & Preparedness, Detection & Response, ​​
Surveillance/Monitoring/Early warning​

What’s the addressed challenge?

Monitoring and forecasting of Extreme Wildfire Events (EWE) through the analysis of vertical atmospheric profiles 

What value is proposed?

Detailed and frequent (every 6 h) satellite-based global analysis of upper air weather at different pressure levels are provided whenever an EWE or large fire occurs in Europe, including the vertical atmosphere profile (with Temperature, Humidity, Geopotential Height, Vertical Velocity, Absolute Vorticity, Horizontal winds), to anticipate changes and dynamics that may lead to the growth and fall of PyroCb and also to provide highly detailed weather forecasting across their operational regions. All this data will be incorporated into the integrative umbrella system to estimate the EWE behaviour and risk.

Who can use it?


What type of tool is it?


How does it look like?

Integrated software 

This tool is…

⊠ a new tool

☐ an improved tool

What are the vision & mission statement?

A better understanding of how EWEs and PyroCb in particular, are affected by the atmospheric vertical structure 

When will it be complete?

End of 2024



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Guglielmo Borghini

Gerald van der Grijn