IA 5.1. Demonstration of an integrative umbrella system for estimating EWE risk and impact in real time with HR weather data



What kind of result is this?

New tool

What’s the area addressed?

Advanced Technology Solutions

What’s the covered phase?

Prevention & Preparedness, Detection & Response, Restoration & Adaptation
Recovery and rehabilitation

What’s the addressed challenge?

To provide a platform integrating several IAs from WP5 and other two technologies developed in the framework of WP5 for showcasing and demonstration purposes.

What value is proposed?

A platform that integrates several Innovation Actions applications to be used and showcased in different LLs.

Who can use it?

The same end-users of IA5.2; IA5.3; IA5.5; IA5.7; IA 5.9.
This includes Civil protection agencies, environment protection agencies, researchers, firefighters, forestry companies, forest management and protection entities.

What type of tool is it?

Web applications

How does it look like?


This tool is…

⊠ a new tool

☐ an improved tool

What are the vision & mission statement?

To showcase and demonstrate the technologies of the mentioned IAs 

When will it be complete?

May 2025



This IA is implemented in the Living Lab(s)…

Catalonia, Galicia, Germany-The Netherlands, Portugal


Adrián Cardil

Miguel Mendes