IA 4.5. Testing regional-level policy clinics for inclusive and coherent firesmart risk governance



What kind of result is this?

Improved tool (methodology); reported results 

What’s the area addressed?

Governance, Society, Communication And Risk Awareness

What’s the covered phase?

Any phase of the fire risk governance (to be selected by the participants or proposed by the promoter) 

What’s the addressed challenge?

The large number of policy instruments affecting fire risk governance can result into a lack of policy coherence. 

What value is proposed?

Prototyping and testing a new public-private mechanism for participative discussion at regional or national level to identify which bundles of polices work or not for coherent fire risk governance, across the risk management phases, and multi-risk interactions, around a selected topic. 

Who can use it?

National or regional policymakers (depending on the selected geographical area). 

What type of tool is it?

Consultation process 

How does it look like?

Written methodology 

This tool is…

☐ a new tool

⊠ an improved tool

What are the vision & mission statement?

Fine-tune the methodology within FIRE-RES when implemented in several Living Labs. Be able to re-use this methodology to conduct similar consultation processes in the adequate fora. 

When will it be complete?

Early 2025


Policy Coherence analysis (PolCA): methodological approach

Final I.A. methodology currently under development.

This IA is implemented in the Living Lab(s)…

CataloniaPortugal, Canary Islands, Germany-The Netherlands, Nouvelle Aquitaine


Eduard Mauri