What kind of result is this?


What’s the area addressed?

Governance, Society, Communication And Risk Awareness
Engaged communities 

What’s the covered phase?

Prevention & Preparedness, Detection & Response, Restauration & Adaptation

What’s the addressed challenge?

Need to identify the acceptable level of losses and to decide which level of risk one wants to prepare the landscape for, as well as clarifying liabilities. 

What value is proposed?

Testing a participatory decision-making process, including face-to-face meetings and field visits with decision-makers to discuss future fire scenarios, values and responsibilities 

Who can use it?

Fire community stakeholders: landowners, land managers, forest managers, farmers, emergency services, and organisations working in the environmental, conservation, and public sectors. 

What type of tool is it?

Methodolgy, process 

How does it look like?

Meetings, Methodology/Procedure 

This tool is…

☐ a new tool

⊠ an improved tool

What are the vision & mission statement?

Engage fire communities in a co-creative process for developing territorial strategies to boost a common view and agreement on the values on the scenario that must be considered to increase resilience in front of EWE.  

When will it be complete?

August 2025



This IA is implemented in the Living Lab(s)…



Edgar Nebot Hernandez

Sotsinspector del Cos de Bombers