IA 1.5. Demonstration of innovative post-fire restoration and adaptation strategies



What kind of result is this?

A report describing the implementation of demonstrative prevention and restoration measures in pilot areas.

What’s the area addressed?

Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape design
Landscape management 

What’s the covered phase?

Restoration and adaptation

What’s the addressed challenge?

Faced with the challenges of a changing climate and potential extreme events, innovative restoration strategies are crucial to improve the resilience of forest stands and landscapes to severe fires.

What value is proposed?

This IA aims to develop innovative post-fire restoration (5 ha) and prevention (15 ha) measures in spring 2024.

Who can use it?

Forest managers and researchers

What type of tool is it?

Demonstrative Action

How does it look like?

Restauration and Adaptation treatments

This tool is…

☐ a new tool

⊠ an improved tool

What are the vision & mission statement?

In the context of a harsher climate and potential EWEs, ecosystem restoration strategies following moderate or large wildfires provide an opportunity to improve the resilience of forest stands and landscapes to more severe fires and associated hazards. This IA will help forest managers determine restoration strategies, both in fire-prone areas and in new fire areas.

When will it be complete?

April 2025



This IA is implemented in the Living Lab(s)…

Catalonia, Canary Islands


Lluís Coll

Míriam Piqué

Teresa Valor