IA 1.1. Piloting an adapted Forest Fire Potential Polygons methodology to improve decision making on EWE



What kind of result is this?

This is an existing tool adapted to Extreme Wildfires Events (EWEs)

What’s the area addressed?

Emergency, Risk Mapping and Sustainable Fire Management Models
Emergency Management

What’s the covered phase?

Prevention & Preparedness, Detection & Response

What’s the addressed challenge?

Decision Making needs tools adapted to EWE, to cope with uncertain scenarios and low predictability

What value is proposed?

Potential polygons are an operational tool to identify and manage uncertainty, provide an overview of the fire and explain what the fire can do, both to experts and non-experts. The polygons eliminate uncertainty and provide a clear and certain picture (Castellnou, 2019). Therefore, it is a way to trace decision-making, communicate and increase credibility. 

I.A. 1.1 adds value to this methodology by incorporating the knowledge gathered on EWE. Practically, It will be tested on wildfires occurring during the project lifetime (response), at the same time providing insights into the Living Lab future scenarios in their ‘predictive/descriptive’ models for landscape.

Who can use it?

Emergency managers, landscape managers, fire analysts, Incident commanders

What type of tool is it?


How does it look like?


This tool is…

☐ a new tool

⊠ an improved tool

What are the vision & mission statement?

Facilitate decision-making in uncertain scenarios by using a methodology adapted to EWE to identify the best opportunities to meet the strategic objectives.

When will it be complete?

Within FIRE-RES context, it is expected to be available with implemented results by the end of 2025.


D1.3 Piloting the adaptation of methodology of Forest Fire Potential Polygons to improve decision making on EWE events

Available in different languages in CFRS website: Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

This IA is implemented in the Living Lab(s)…

Catalonia, Portugal


Edgar Nebot Hernandez

Sotsinspector del Cos de Bombers