Galicia and Chile Living Labs Join Forces to Enhance Forest Fire Prevention

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In an initiative overcoming geographical distance, the Forest Firefighters of the Xunta de Galicia in Spain and the Chilean Timber Corporation came together in a virtual webinar on 24 October 2023. The event showcased the collaborative efforts of Aldeas Modelo Seguras from Galicia and Red de Prevención Comunitaria from Chile, both integral components of the FIRE-RES project.

Screenshot from the Webinar

The webinar featured presentations highlighting the governance structures of these two exemplary initiatives and the community-driven actions they undertake for the prevention of forest fires. The aim was to foster an exchange of experiences that could inspire innovative strategies and actions. The focus was on collaborative work involving the public and private sectors alongside local communities.

Representatives from both Living Labs, namely Living-Lab Atlántico in Galicia and the Chilean Living Lab, shared insights into their respective projects. The presentations were followed by a discussion session where attendees had the opportunity to seek clarification on the presented topics.

The collaborative effort was spearheaded by the Consellería do Medio Rural and the Chilean Timber Corporation (CORMA) and included staff members of both prevention programs, individuals interested in fire prevention, and community representatives.

The initiative aims to strengthen international ties and leverage shared knowledge to enhance forest fire prevention strategies. This international meeting marks a significant step towards building a global network of collaboration in combating the growing threat of forest fires.

By sharing best practices, innovative strategies, and fostering open dialogue, the participants aimed to contribute to the creation of safer rural areas worldwide, resilient against the devastating impact of forest fires. You can watch the entire webinar here.

Author: Beatrice Bellavia (Euromontana).