Innovative technologies
& socio-ecological-economic solutions for fire resilient territories in Europe

Extreme wildfire events beyond any control are becoming a major environmental economic and social threat across the world.

FIRE-RES will develop an integrated fire management strategy to efficiently and effectively address extreme wildfire events in Europe.

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FIRE-RES is built around the concept of Integrated Fire Management. This is a planning and operational approach that includes social, economic, cultural and ecological dimensions. Its objective is to minimize the damage caused by wildfires and maximize its benefits.

To do this, FIRE-RES includes 4 main pillars.


FIRE-RES adopts the Integrated Fire Management Approach.

This wildfire risk reduction strategy exploits synergies between fire prevention-preparedness, detection-response and restoration-adaptation in a holistic manner, assuming the interconnectedness of these 3 phases.

Prevention & Preparedness

Educate the public to take precautions to prevent and to be ready in case of potentially harmful fires

Adaptation & Restoration

Rehabilitate and restore areas impacted by extreme wildfires

Detection & Response

Anticipate and mitigate the impacts of extreme wildfire events



👉Today is the first day of the @FIRERESProject technical workshop: “Towards fire #resilient landscapes in ...Europe”! A fruitful discussion about #ExtremeWildfiresEvents, ecology, and landscape and fire #management 🔥.

Today the communication teams from 8 different 🇪🇺 funded projects on #WFRM discussed & exchanged ideas on ...joint actions. Stay tuned❗️

@firelogue @SAFERS_H2020 @FIRERESProject @FirEUrisk @COST_FIRElinks @DryadsH2020 @FIREINProject @SilvanusProject

👉Yesterday FIRE-RES took part in the First Climate Change and Biodiversity Working Group online meeting, organised the Green Deal Projects Support Office. An interesting opportunity to exchange and identify potential synergies with other fire-related projects 🔥.

#Firelogue participated at Fire & Climate Conference of the @IAWF . David Martin from @PauCostaF was there ...(virtually) on behalf of Firelogue at 25th May!


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👉Sunday 22nd of May 2022 was the first day of ISCRAM Conference in Tarbes, France🇫🇷
🗣️Jean-Paul Monet ...from TIEMS presented an overview of FIRE-RES project in a session dedicated to EU funded projects

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